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Effective skin care. Scientifically proven

There are so many different foot creams to choose from at pharmacists, supermarkets and online stores. But how do you know which one to choose? A great place to start is recommendation from your Podiatrist or Foot Healthcare Practitioner. 

Many of the creams on the market contain more grease than anything else. They leave the skin sticky and greasy. This film on the skin can harm the natural skin functions and increase the risk of slipping or even falling. Getting dressed or wearing support stockings is very difficult if your skin is sticky with cream.

Podoexpert by Allpremed® Foam creams are modern skin care products as they are easily spread and rapidly absorbed, with outstanding coverage. Foam creams last much longer than comparable emulsions. You will get about 4 times as much product from a foot foam can than a traditional tube.

They offer innovative skin care that not only moisturises your skin, but have been clinically proven to repair and regenerate the skin barrier. BarrioExpert LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology was developed on the basis of BarrioExpert Technology and its familiar benefits. The structural characteristics of the skin-related lipids in these products are similar to the lipids that occur naturally in the skin. They position themselves in the typical, highly compact lipid bilayers just like natural barrier lipids, which enables them to fit perfectly into the gaps in the lipid film of dry skin like pieces of jigsaw puzzle. 

How to Use

1. The bottle, before use

Before use, the contents of the bottle are in three different parts: the emulsion is at the bottom, above this is the liquid part of the propellant, and the gaseous part is at the top.

2. Shake first…

When you shake the bottle, the liquid part of the propellant mixes with the emulsion.

3. Then hold upright

When you press the spray head, the gaseous part of the propellant pushes the mixture through the ascending tube and out of the bottle. Once it leaves the bottle, the propellant in the emulsion expands abruptly and becomes gaseous, creating the foam cream.

Incorrect use

If the bottle is held with the spray head pointing downwards, the open end of the ascending tube protrudes up into the gaseous part of the propellant, which means that only propellant can escape when the valve is opened.