Podoexpert Dry to Cracked Heel Cream

Podoexpert Dry to Cracked Heel Cream

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This Heel Cream by PodoExpert is an elite formulation for the protection of dry, cracked and heavily calloused skin on the feet. This incredible cream will make the soles of your feet smooth and supple again and induces the repair of the skin barrier within just 4 weeks. 

Why choose PodoExpert Dry to Cracked Heel Cream?  Learn more about we love PodoExpert by Allpremed on our blog.

The technical bit:

This Cracked Heel Cream is made from a Clinically Proven formula (on the basis of a patented BarrioExpert Lipo 2 Technology) and enriched with skin equivalent biomimetic lipids that strengthen and protect the skin barrier. The 100ml bottle contains Urea (5%).  

It is:

  • Ideal for daily maintenance, children and for sensitive skin types. 
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Recommended for: Xerosis, hyperkeratosis, cracks, fissures, calluses, corns, roughness, scales, flaking, tightness, rhagades, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Important Ingredients:

LIPO2 skin-equivalent lipids, Pentavitin®, Panthenol, Urea (5%)

Directions for use: Apply an amount about 1.5cm to 3cm to the feet regularly, both mornings and evenings. This is ideal for overnight use.